About us

About Zed's Driving School

At Zed’s Driving school we take our students confidence level to 100%. That makes the road test a breeze for them. The most nervous students who thought they would never pass, have passed, and are on the road. You can be next!

We take pride into teaching all individuals to the maximum level of their understanding, and providing them the best learning experience. We take driving, safety, and winter driving techniques to a whole new level. We make each customer feel comfortable, while being taught by only the highest qualified instructors. You will not regret selecting us as your driving school.

To really know who we are, check out our reviews.

You will be more than happy for choosing Zed’s Driving School.

Before contacting us please note, we take novice drivers and make them in to experienced drivers. We take responsibility to keep our drivers safe and prepared for any situation that can occur on the road.

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